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Student Of The Month

Anjali Student of the Month. (November 2019)


Anjali is amazing to have in class.  She is insightful, thoughtful, and respectful.  She is always on time and prepared, always ready to share and contribute.  She is helpful and patient with her peers.  I appreciate the conversation she helps to generate.  She regularly makes real world connections with the topics we discuss in class – a skill that will help her be successful in anything she chooses to pursue.  Anjali is an example to her peers and more than deserving of this recognition!

Bhawana Student of the Month (December 2019)


Bhawana is very deserving of student of the month. Bhawana comes to class each day fully prepared to learn. She brings with her a positive attitude, patience and perseverance. Bhawana is biggest strength is her ability to focus on tasks. She works hard and digs deep when tasks are difficult, and this helps everyone in the class understand more clearly. Bhawana is kind and friendly. Her kindness towards others really shines when she is giving her peers feedback about their learning. Bhawana is truly demonstrating the Husky trait of “understanding” and treats others the way she would like to be treated.


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